Following and Followers – The Foundation of Your Instagram Strategy 2020

Instagram is almost useless if you don’t follow people and others don’t follow you. You can watch Instagram Trends and see what people are Posting about, but you won’t see anything in your Mentions or Interactions tabs. It’s like not having any friends in real life to hang out with and share your thoughts. We need conversation and engagement to make our lives more interesting and our businesses more successful.

Following others on Instagram is a great way to start those conversations. Once you start following others and engaging in conversations, others will start to follow you. There are many ways to use Instagram so you want to spend some time observing others to see which style works best for you. Let’s explore some different Instagram styles so you can see which one fits your business.

I recommend choosing a style and sticking to it. If you want to combine styles, you may want to set up separate Instagram accounts so you don’t confuse or alienate your followers. People will follow you because they like the information you provide in a particular style.

The Screener

This person shares useful content with his or her followers and also Reposts great Posts from the people they follow. They are good listeners and are careful to share information that is relevant to the people they Post with every day.

The Thought-Leader

This person targets a particular industry or niche. They Post relevant information based on the industry or niche. They are well respected in their particular field and their opinion is highly valued by the people who follow them.

The Linker

This person Posts links to blog posts and/or affiliate links on their stream. They’re probably using a Instagram tool to automatically Post RSS feeds from popular blogs or links from their blog that contain affiliate links. They rarely engage anyone in conversation.

The Reciprocator

Volume is their goal. They will often Post someone and tell them to follow them and will reciprocate by following them back. They often use automated tools to automatically follow everyone who follows them. You can spot them by looking at their profile and seeing an almost equal number of followers and following. They usually follow well over 10,000 people and have just as many following them and Buy Instagram Followers Australia .

The Trendsetter

These are usually celebrities or well-known personalities. Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian and sports figures are among this group. People watch for their Post, and celebrities are often compensated for their Posts by sponsors.

The Matchmaker

This person spends a lot of time “listening” on Instagram and connecting people with like interests. We all know these people in our offline life. They love to connect people with like interests and are doing the same on Instagram.

The Chatterbox

They engage with others constantly. They rarely Post links to information. They love personal interaction online and offline. These are the same people who talk your ear off at parties and networking events.

The Repost

This person spends most of their time Reposting other people’s Posts. They rarely share links they find on their own. They are masters of the RePost.

The Instagram-holic

These people Post like their lives depend on it. They’re often accused of sharing TMI, too much information. Every thought that crosses their mind is transformed into a Post. They Post at least 20 times every hour they are awake and may Post over 10,000 times a month. They don’t need automated Posts because there is no room on their Instagram feed for more Posts. These people have a very high unfollow rate.

As I mentioned earlier, I recommend choosing one of these styles and sticking to it as much as you can. Of course, you can deviate occasionally, but it’s best to focus on one primary style.

You are Posting to generate business, so I recommend choosing a style like The Screener or The Thought-Leader. This way you will be sharing great information with others and engaging with them, enhancing your Instagram reputation.

In the next post in this series, we’ll dig a little deeper into choosing the audience you want to reach on Instagram.

Ted Prodromou is the best-selling, award-winning author of Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business and Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business (Entrepreneur Press). Ted is also an internationally-recognized speaker and consultant helping businesses close more deals using LinkedIn and social selling. Learn more about Instagram at

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