10 Tips for Gaining Real Instagram Followers 2020

Instagram is one of the newest photo-sharing social media sites that allows its users to build and manage image collections. Instagram is also an amazing way to increase the awareness for your website or blog. However, your ability to be influential is limited if you don’t have followers. Gaining new followers for your Instagram account […]

Following and Followers – The Foundation of Your Instagram Strategy 2020

Instagram is almost useless if you don’t follow people and others don’t follow you. You can watch Instagram Trends and see what people are Posting about, but you won’t see anything in your Mentions or Interactions tabs. It’s like not having any friends in real life to hang out with and share your thoughts. We […]

Staying in Instagram’s Good Graces While Building Followers Fast 2020

If you are fairly new to Instagram, there are probably some things about it you don’t yet know, but that you need to know. Where Instagram is concerned ignorance is NOT bliss. In fact, break a rule or two and you can get your Instagram account suspended. I have not personally experienced this, but have […]

What to Do When You Reach the Instagram Following Limit 2020

If you are reading this article, then you are likely having trouble “Following” more people on Instagram. You can only follow 2,000 people on Instagram before they put a halt to your ability to Follow more people. I am going to share exactly how you can start Following more people again, but first you should […]

How to Get Unlimited Real Estate Sales Leads Using Social Media 2020

Having a social media presence today is critical to all real estate agents who want to improve lead generation. Since social media is all about relationship building, omitting it from your business plan would be like leaving the roof off your house. Making consistent social media postings – posted at least two times weekly – […]

Social Media Marketing Just Became Speechless 2020

Soon after Facebook purchased Instagram for one-billion dollars earlier this year, a substantial number of people pondered whether or not the mobile image application was actually worth the price tag it commanded. Having said that, in the few weeks that followed, Instagram erupted from a specialized iOS photograph-posting social application to a system for both […]